Sunday, September 6, 2009

WB Word of Mouth Campaign pays $50 per assignment

Warner Bros. is looking for people who are active bloggers and users of Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to Join WB Word of Mouth! You'll have the opportunity to express your opinion about entertainment. For more information and to apply, visit Link!

They pay $50 for each assignment and you have to submit a W-9 form by fax or mail before you can start an assignment.

Paypal surveys

I was very leery of Palm Research when I first read about it. The main reason is: it takes them a long time to pay... BUT... once you get paid that first time, you can get paid every month. You have to earn ten dollars in a month, which really is easy, but it's a month later when you get paid. They pay through Paypal, which is a bonus, in my book... and, I DID get paid.... yea! They usually send ya two surveys a day, worth $1 each, but they usually have a few more surveys on their site that you can do. A few pay a little more, rarely, they have a couple that pay less, but you can do as many as you can in that one day. So, again, it is very easy to earn well over ten bucks in a month. If you can wait that first time to get paid, it's definitely worth it. It's one I'll stick with now!

Sign up here

20/20 Pet Food Survey, $200

Thank you for taking our online survey. So that we may contact you should you qualify for the study, please complete the following information.

***Please note: This online survey is to see IF you qualify for the paid portion of this study. IF you qualify, you will be called within 5 business days by a 20/20 Research recruiter to verify your responses. Required Question


New Car? Used Car? No Car?

I don't usually do surveys that give you a "chance" to get paid, I like those guaranteed amounts... BUT... I will say, I have won quite a few drawing surveys, that I did when I was bored, and they're usually good amounts!

Anyway... this is just one I found, it's really short, so maybe worth a try!

Participants who complete the survey will be eligible for one of 10 $25 prizes randomly chosen among those who participate in the survey.


Destination Analysts $80 Travel Website study online September

Website Usability Study: Paid Interview Sign-Up Questionnaire

Thanks very much for your interest in this project. We are looking for persons to participate in a PAID online video interview regarding their travel planning opinions, behaviors and interests. If your profile fits the project's needs, we will send you a high-quality Logitech or Microsoft web camera and a headset (both yours to keep), as well as compensate you $80 for the one-hour interview.

Please answer the following questions FULLY and ACCURATELY, as we are seeking a range of traveler types to participate. If you qualify, a staff member from Destination Analysts Research will contact you shortly.


National recession study, in home and/or online

Sounds really interesting. They have many locations, and you don't even HAVE to live near one of them to participate. Crossing my fingers!

How are you surviving the recession? The goal of this nationwide research project is to talk to real people, with real stories to find out what is going on in America and how the economic situation has affected their lives. We want to hear about how you, your friends, and your family have dealt with recent challenges and what kinds of real solutions you have found to manage the situation. * Participants will be paid. * We are looking for people from all over the country. * For this study we may ask you to allow interviewers to visit you in your home and/or for you to complete a diary of your thoughts on issues presented. * Whether through in-home interviews or a diary, the study will require a total of less than two hours of your time.

Apply here

Become a "Mom Tester" for Parenting Magazine

Parenting Magazine is Looking for Mom Testers

When products come up for review, if you're a match, Parenting Magazine may contact you with an option to receive FREE items to test and possibly keep. All they ask is that you'll give them your honest opinion, good or bad. You may also be contacted for mom-related stories to be used in the magazine. Sign up
here and click on 'Click here to sign up today.'

Items they'll need you to test could include:

Toys and games
Books, DVDs, CDs, or Video Games
Health products for babies, toddlers, or kids

Bath products for baby, toddlers, or kids
Health and beauty products for Mom

Gear: strollers, carriers, furniture, items for feeding and diapering

Borrowed from SurveyMonsterz

Hurry, Contest Ends in the Morning!

The folks at SurveyMonsterz are having a contest, and it ends in the morning! Get in and enter, before it's too late!

Thanks to my friends at MyBlogSpark, I'm giving away a "Summer Cool Down" gift bag, as seen above, to one of my lucky readers. The "Summer Cool Down" gift bag includes two free coupons for Yoplait Whips, a cooler tote, Popsicle molds and a set of 12 color-changing spoons. The winner will be chosen when I come back from camping on Monday, September 7th. I will draw the name of the winner by using the random number generator at from the eligible entries received. If a winner does not contact me within 48 hours by e-mail, I will draw a new winner. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older. The winners will receive their gift bag by mail directly from MyBlogSpark.

Just Cashed Out $30 For Sharing Email Forwards!

I had pretty much forgotten about this program, until I got a friend request today... good thing I got that, went and had over $30 in my account... all from sharing email forwards I get from friends!!! With ForwardOn, you simply forward your emails... funny, interesting, whatever, and you get points for people viewing them... and, obviously, the points keep coming! lol You also get points for friending others, and for getting them to view your content and leave comments, which they'll gladly do, in return for you doing so on theirs... some of the easiest $$ I've made lately! lol Try it out!!!