Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phone Interview for Parents $75

Focus Forward is recruiting for a 60 min phone interview with parents on June 1st and 5th. $75 for the phone interview.


Even if you don't qualify, make sure to sign up to be put in their database for future studies. Link

Nationwide Paid Telephone Interview $150

We are currently recruiting respondents to participate in a paid telephone interview to be scheduled at your convenience between Monday, June 1st and Friday, June 5th. Compensation for the 45-minute phone interview is $150. Please click on the below link and answer a few screening questions to determine if you qualify for this study.


If you appear to qualify based on your answers, a Focus Forward representative will contact you with additional questions.

Please Note: You may have already received an invitation for this study. If you have already completed the survey, please disregard this email as you are unable to take the survey again.

Thank you for your interest in Focus Forward.

Claudia Taylor

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a request for additional information concerning your participation in a market research study. It is not an invitation to participate. If your answers fit the study, we will call you.

fitness® forum

Fitness Magazine... this is another one of those groups, where you'll likely get to test new products, and they have surveys, etc., where you can win stuff. From the site:

Thank you for your interest in the Fitness Forum! As a valued reader of Fitness we’d like to invite you to become a member of our magazine reader panel.

All of us here at Fitness strongly value our panelists' opinions. Their insights and ideas will help guide our magazine today, tomorrow and well into the future. In joining the Fitness Forum, members have the opportunity to...

· Participate in brief online opinion polls

· Receive special invitations to Fitness Forum events

· Share opinions in reader interest surveys

· Win prizes and receive special offers from Fitness Forum

· And much, much more!

We respect our members' online time and Internet privacy. We never share our reader panelists' email addresses with third parties. Members of our reader panel will have the opportunity to participate in a maximum of two surveys per month and may receive up to two special email offers from Fitness Forum. For more information, see our privacy policy or FAQs.

If anyone's interested, here's the LINK.

Hurry for pop-up survey!

These pop-up surveys usually get pulled pretty fast. This one is for a $10 Babies-R-Us gift card, and it's for pregnant women. Go to this site, and you should get a pop-up asking you to participate. Make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off first!

Web 2.0 Online Market Research Study - $25

Hello! We are conducting a market research project for an exciting new website!

Who: Anyone who uses the internet
What: We’re developing a marketing plan for a new web 2.0 social shopping experience. And we’re asking you to help us refine and develop the product with your feedback!
When: Open interviews though the next seven days
How Long: The interviews are 30 minutes.
Why: You’ll have fun! Plus, you'll get $25!
Where: Interviews will be conducted over the phone. Participants need to be in front of their computers and have internet access.

To get started, please copy and paste the link below into your browser. We’ll ask you a few screening questions and a recruiter will follow up with selected participants.


Fun contest on another blog

If you've never visited the blog Unboredme, you should check it out. It's great for those times when you're, well, bored! They post new content all the time, sure to get a few chuckles, or at least smiles! Anyway, they're having a contest right now, for a cool tshirt, and all you have to do is comment, to be entered to win. Support a fellow blogger, check it out! Link

New Centercode Beta Test Opportunity‏

Presentation software has become a critical component of the business and educational workplace. People use this software to help educate, deliver messages, and sell. Our client has developed a tool that improves the experience of giving a presentation by adding functionality, flexibility and performance.

Qualified candidates will be someone who gives presentations on a regular basis in a professional environment. We are especially interested in people who do it on a weekly or daily basis. Educators, professionals, sales people and others who conduct presentations as part of their career are encouraged to apply.

Remember, being a beta test volunteer means spending time daily engaged in testing and providing feedback in the Centercode system. If you are unwilling to commit to participate in the beta test, do not apply for this opportunity. We invite anyone with a computer at home to apply for this test!

If you have to do presentations as part of your job, you need to apply immediately. Click the link below to find out more information about this test and apply to be a part.


Please click the following link to apply for this test: