Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paypal surveys

I was very leery of Palm Research when I first read about it. The main reason is: it takes them a long time to pay... BUT... once you get paid that first time, you can get paid every month. You have to earn ten dollars in a month, which really is easy, but it's a month later when you get paid. They pay through Paypal, which is a bonus, in my book... and, I DID get paid.... yea! They usually send ya two surveys a day, worth $1 each, but they usually have a few more surveys on their site that you can do. A few pay a little more, rarely, they have a couple that pay less, but you can do as many as you can in that one day. So, again, it is very easy to earn well over ten bucks in a month. If you can wait that first time to get paid, it's definitely worth it. It's one I'll stick with now!

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