Friday, October 2, 2009

Starting Chantix Today... Wish Me Luck!!!

Right now's probably not the best time to try to quit smoking, I'm sure most would admit that, with all the stress I've been under lately! lol But... this time, for once, I really think I'm ready! I'm terrified, yes, but I'm sooooo ready!

I've smoked since I was about 14. I quit, as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first son. Quit for several years, while I had him and two other babies... until my (now 14 year old) son was kidnapped! He was only gone an hour and 45 minutes, but as any mother can imagine.... it seemed like several lifetimes! I wish I never would have picked up that cigarette that night.... but I did, and I just never quit.

My kids have always tried to get me to quit, but it's always been, "I'm too stressed out... I'd probably have a heart attack if I quit..." , all those things that we smokers convince ourselves of. Well, lately, my 9 year old has been through entirely too much stress. And he worries constantly about his Mama. He only recently met his father, so all his life, I've been "all he had", and it's pretty scary to a kid, worrying that something might happen to your "only" parent. He's seen me in the hospital with tubes in me, getting surgeries, etc. Way too much. Anyway, his panic has increased lately, with some of the stress we've been through. And my smoking makes it that much worse. I'll never be a "perfect" mother, but if I can do this one thing to help all my kids... I definitely want to try.

Anyway, I am pretty confident this time. I took Chantix once before, but with many things going on, never refilled it. This time, I already have three months worth prescribed... I'm GOING to keep taking it! When I took it for the short time before, it worked wonders. Within a few days, I cut down from about two packs a day, to just a few cigarettes a day. My ex could light up a smoke right beside me, and I wouldn't want one... which is major for me. Soooo... I know I can do it! Please keep me in your thoughts through this... this is a big step for me, but it's also a huge positive change for my babies!

On a lighter note... I know people tend to gain weight when they quit smoking... well, I gain weight because I have hypothyroidism! lol I got my dosage adjusted yesterday on that too... 'cause I've been sleeping ALL the time, which happens when my thyroid isn't working. Soooo, maybe I'll get lucky, and the Chantix will help me quit smoking, and getting my thyroid working will make me lose weight too... hey, a girl can dream, can't she?!!! lol

But, hopefully, within a few days, with the thyroid meds getting in my system, I'll have more energy and be able to get back to work as usual... God, I hope so, I need the money! lol

Anyway, just an update on what's going on with me!!!!

Happy Earning everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by!!!