Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resolution Research is recruiting new members!

Hi there!
I'm a member of the Resolution Research Market Research Panel. As a member, I'm occasionally sent email opportunities to participate in research - like an online or telephone survey or an invitation to a focus group. Participation is always voluntary and almost every study provides some type of compensation like $5 gift cards, drawings for cash or prizes, or Visa cash cards from $10 up to $400!

It's really easy to register - you provide your contact info & demographic profile (e.g., age, gender, etc.) - and when a study needs your demographic characteristics, Resolution Research sends an email invite and you choose whether or not to participate.

Currently, Resolution is trying to grow their panel so if you sign up now, we could both win! I can win a large cash prize and you could win a $5 gift card just for joining! Whomever gets the most people to join wins, plus their first 500 referrals each win the gift card! It's fun and interesting - you get to give your opinion on products & services - and you're usually compensated. So, please take 5 minutes (it's super fast & easy) and sign up now!
If you have any questions, you're welcome to call Resolution Research toll-free at 800-800-0905, or send an email to or, of course, you can call me!

Thanks a lot!

p.s. - Remember to select "Referral Contest" to the question "How did you hear about us?" Then enter my name and email address on the next page.
p.p.s. - Resolution Research is a participant in the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program & has been in business since 1990.

For a complete list of contest Rules and Regulations visit:
Click here for suggestions on getting people to join & improve your chances to win!

*Visa and are not affiliated with this contest in any way.

Just For Laughs...

Ok, sure, we can all use a humor break, especially after staring at the screen, filling out surveys! lol

I figured I would include some links, just for laughs... hope you enjoy!

Cubby, dancing to "All the Single Ladies"

Parody of a certain mile high beer company and their current inflammatory ad campaign

Funny babies video... too cute!


An Amusing way to Look at the Stimulus Plan

Pole dancing--don't try this at home... one of my fav's!


Join the Disney Online Research Panel and start voicing your opinions through interactive online surveys. To thank you for participating in their surveys, you will have oppurtunities to recieve awards.

As a member of the Disney Online Research Panel, you will have the opportunity to receive rewards - it is our way of showing you our appreciation for your participation in this panel. Rewards will vary depending on the survey in which you participate. Typical rewards might include gift certificates to online retailers (,, etc.) or donations to charities on your behalf.

If you are among the first Disney Online Research Panel members to respond to each survey, you will receive a reward from Disney Online. The number of winners for each survey will be defined in each survey's email invitation, along with a description of the reward.


True Panel Sign Up free webcam and $$

Welcome to TruePanel.
TruePanel is the world's premier online community of webcam-enabled consumers. With your participation in this exciting community, we will provide you a webcam so you will be empowered to provide innovative consumer research to some of the world’s leading technology companies.

TruePanel specializes in helping the leading global research firms interview people like you, online, about the technology you use. Because we have great people like you willing to tell us what you like, we help companies create great technology

Please fill out the below survey and if you qualify you will receive a FREE WEB CAM plus $20 for each web cam survey you complete.


Please take this time to let us know more about you. The information you provide here will help us to better match you with a research project.

Please remember, if you are selected as a panel participant, you will recieve a Free Webcam and an honorarium.

Thanks again for contacting TruePanel.

Product testing companies

Haven't checked all of them, but I know most of them are good, and I am a member of many, and highly recommend them.

Beta Intuit
Centercode I have tested many things for this company
world wide


Heinz Research
Restaurant Insights
Think Rewards
Media Transfer
Baker Solutions
Beta Sphere
Brand Institute
BRX periodically need help in evaluating new computer peripheral equipment.
Campden UK
Consumer Insights Ca Only Limited locations USA and CA UK Only NJ Only GH Product Tester panel game tester USA teachers USA last box. USA only usa For home schooled Kids USA USA only USA and CA 10/21/2005 Ca AU Certain areas Just say you are an Independent Contractor Texas only oral products USA Only World wide
ideal bite USA Only USA Only AU 22d13b16 France Limited locations USA Only Limited locations

I'm Back!!!

So sorry if any of y'all thought I had already abandoned this blog! I have had quite the adventure, the last few weeks! Made a cross-country trip, and finally arrived in California, where I'm with my Dad... yea!!! Quite different from what I'm used to, in Oklahoma, but looks like there are so many awesome opportunities out here, even with their failing economy! lol And I'm so glad to be able to spend some time catching up with my Dad!

Anyway, finally got my computer up and going again, so there will be much more to come soon!!!


American Eagle Research Panel

Click register. -opportunity to win great prizes, unique deals on merchandise and special discounts. After completing this survey you will receive a $10 online Gift card!