Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kids Eat Free Sept. 5-7 at Ikea this long weekend

Kids Eat Free Sept. 5-7 at Ikea this long weekend Kids Eat Free Sept. 5-7!

Mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, meatballs. All of these are free for your bunchkin under twelve at Ikea for three days this long weekend! Ikea's Labor Day kids-eat-free promotion is particularly great because it requires no adult purchase, and isn't limited to odd Swedish foods that will make your kids cry on sight. Not every store's participating, so check out Ikea's Web site and call your store before heading in.

Global Windows 7 Launch House Party (limited countries + specific languages)

These house parties are soooo much fun! They send you tons of cool stuff for your party, it's really a blast! I've done a few for the kids, and a couple for myself and my friends... can't say enough good stuff, and it's all FREE!!!

"...Learn More and Apply Today!
Apply online to host a Windows® 7 Launch Party.
Choose a day from October 22-29 and if you're selected, you'll not only receive a special Signature Edition of Windows® 7 Ultimate but your very own Windows® 7 Party Pack.

Hosting a Windows® 7 Launch Party is easy.
You'll be assisted by House Party, the world's leading party organizer.

Pick a theme, then upload photos and videos, chat with other hosts, blog your experience, and download fun favors all from your personal House Party page."

Party applications are available to: Australia (UK English), Canada (English & French), Mexico (Spanish), Spain (Spanish), USA (Spanish & English), Italy (Italian), Japan (Japanese), France (French), Germany (German), Hong Kong (UK English), UK (English) & India (UK English). There is an application link for each country.

Free Chick Fi LA on Labor Day- No Cow Costume Needed! lol

Customers can gear up for the next big Chick-fil-A giveaway, which will take place on Labor Day. All one must do to grab a free chicken sandwich for this one is show up to the fast-food chain wearing a sports logo…seems easy enough! I've got about a million OU shirts, if anyone needs to borrow one! lol

FREE personalized Photo card 9/1-7 (Week Of Hope) ONLY

Thought this was kinda neat...

FREE personalized Photo card 9/1-7 (Week Of Hope) ONLY
1. Go to


2. Choose a card from their Hope Collection
3. Add a photo and personal message
4. Enter code SENDHOPE at check out and they’ll print and mail it directly to anyone you’d like, at no charge to you

Terms and Conditions

Free card offer is valid for one card per customer from the designated Hope Collection. The shipping option must be direct mail to your recipient. SENDHOPE coupon code is valid from 9/1/09 at 12:01 ET to 9/7/09 at midnight PST.

Focus Point Global,online study, $75

Hurry, these fill up fast!

You are invited to participate in a compensated, open-ended round table discussion regarding

CONSUMER GOODS among selected


Qualified individuals will receive $75.00 for their participation in this 3 hr online project. You will be required to log on and answer questions 2 times a day over 2-3 days in September

Please contact us at your earliest convenience at 800 381 8955 between 9am&5pm CT so we may determine whether you qualify for this study. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Focus Pointe Global

$50 ONLINE OPINION STUDY - Thursday - September 3rd- 5:45pm or 7:15pm Males 13-24

$50 ONLINE OPINION STUDY - Thursday - September 3rd- 5:45pm or 7:15pm Males 13-24

Hi! We have a $50 1 hour and 15 minute ONLINE opinion study on Thursday - September 3rd at 5:45 pm or 7: 15 pm EST. Requirements of the study are that you have access to a computer with high-speed internet access, FLASH player installed on your computer and a telephone at the same time.

We are looking for males between the ages of 13-24 to participate.

If interested, please respond with the following information:

Complete name

Telephone Number


City, State you live in


Which deodorant/t do you use?

(1) Gillette.

(2) Richard Guard

(3) Degree for men

(4) Old Spice

(5) Axe

(6) Mitchum for men

(7) Speed Stick

(8) RGX

(9) Bod

(10) Store own brand

(11) Tag

(12) Other: (Specify)

Which Shower Gel do you use?

(1) Axe

(2) Dial for men

(3) Irish Spring

(4) Suave for men

Other: Q10 Which one?.............................................. .....................

Thnaks! No Calls!

Lynette Eberhart
Fax 212-504-8201

Schlesinger Study (apparently about osteoporosis) $300

Dear Respondent,

We will be conducting a study on line during Sept 10th - Sept 16th for 45-60 per day for 5 days. Please click on the link below OR cut and paste the link into your browser and complete the few quick questions to see if you pre-qualify. If you do, someone from our office will contact you to screen and see if you qualify and provide you with details of the study. If you do qualify and participate you will receive a check in the amount of $300.


Thank you so much,

Schlesinger Associates - Philadelphia
1650 Arch Street
27th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Toll Free: (866) 861-0395
Phone: (215) 982-3061
Fax: (215) 564-5161

Alcohol Beverage Survey receive $50 Males

We're looking for males to participate in a research study about their beer drinking preferences. If you qualify, you will receive $50 for completing a assignment on your alcoholic preferences.


Say Nation Surveys

A cool survey site that you AND your kids can join! They've got a special section just for kids/teens! You earn points for each survey (even when you don't qualify, they give you a few!), and those points can be traded for cool gear. They've got stuff for men, women and kids, and even the good ol' gift cards, if you prefer those! I've cashed out quite a few times with this site, and have always been happy with my rewards. They, also, have lots of surveys available, so the points can add up quickly!

Join now

MEGA Brands Parent Panel

Quality and innovation are of paramount importance to toy development. Ever on the hunt for improved and more exciting toys, MEGA Brands wants to hear from parents and children the world over.
Join Parent Panel and allow your voice and ideas to inspire our collective quest for greater toys.
As member of Parent Panel receive:•Occasional emails or a phone call from MEGA Brands seeking your advice, and opinion•Invitations to test new products***Must have children under 13 years of ageNote that you must first be a MEGA Club member to join Parent Panel.