Sunday, September 13, 2009

Designers (Print/Graphic Designers) - Paid Phone Study $75

Work professional as a print/graphics designer? Adobe Systems would like to hear from you!

We are doing paid phone studies w/ designers next week. The phone calls will last roughly 60 minutes and for your time, we'll gladly thank you with either a $75 Gift Card or a $75 AMEX Gift Check.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out our survey:  Link

We will begin making follow-up phone calls early next week!

Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of openings and cannot respond to each inquiry, but if you are interested, please spend a few minutes answering the questions below. This information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with others outside of Adobe Research.

Plaza Research - Coffee Study -$250

Plaza Research Chicago has a nationwide research study coming up that you may be interested in attending (or if you know anyone that may be interested). Please use the link below to fill out a brief survey to see if you qualify.

Coffee Workbook


Plaza Research is currently looking for Females 30-50 yrs who buy coffee to participate in an upcoming study.

For this study we will send you a Shopping journal which would use a series of questions and exercises to understand your perceptions, attitudes and actions related to your shopping preferences and behaviors. This would include basic question and answers, collage creation and taking some photos of related items in and around your home. There will be about 8-10 pages to complete.

There will also be a shopping assignment that will require you to visit 2 retail locations and share your thoughts and reactions. You would need to have a digital camera that will allow you to take a few shots and email them to us.

The Workbook will need to be completed between September 18th l 30th. Once you've completed the exercise and return the journal you will be sent a check for $250 for your time.

If you are interested in participating in this study please answer the following questions.

Chasen Research $100


is conducting a market research study on the topic of:


If you qualify and participate, you will receive


for your time and opinions.
No sales involved, ever!

We are looking for Men and Women 21-64 years old

to participate in an
Online Community for 7 days

September 24th - 30th

To start, please answer click the link below.


$20 Gas Card for Filling Out This Survey!

AIX Data Protection and Recovery Survey

You will receive a $20 gift card that you can use at any Chevron gas station in the United States!


NATIONWIDE- $50 Paid Online and Phone

NATIONWIDE- $50 Paid Online and Phone Interview regarding Games from Focus Forward!