Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where do you live?

Participating in market research studies is, not only a great way to get your voice heard, but also a way to earn some good money! Where you live often plays a part in what studies you can do, and how much money you can earn. For instance, where I lived in Oklahoma, there weren't many market research companies nearby. That cut into what I could earn doing in person studies, BUT, there are some advantages to living in regions like that. For a lot of online and telephone studies, companies like to get the opinions from people all over the country, and there isn't as huge a database of people in a lot of smaller areas, so I would sometimes get selected because I was from that area.

If you do live near a major metropolitan area, your best bet is, often, the in person studies. Don't let those scare you... they're really laid back, and usually fun! You go in, sometimes for a one on one interview, but usually, with a group of other consumers. You give your opinions on the product or service... just be honest... that's what they really want! And then you are rewarded for your participation right then and there, nice and easy!

How do you find out about studies in your area? Look in your phone book for market research companies. Call and ask to be added to their database. When they are looking for consumers that match your demographics, they'll call you! Or, look on Craigslist! Oftentimes, companies will list upcoming studies, as they really need a certain number of participants in order to get accurate information for the company needing the research. They are usually listed in the jobs section, under part-time or etc jobs. They will usually provide a list of questions, and an email address to send your responses, or a link to a questionairre that you can complete. If they think you may be a match, they'll give you a call and give you the specifics.

Don't give up if you don't qualify for one or two... they are always needing different people, and it'll be worth it when you make that extra couple hundred bucks for an hour of chatting about your opinions!

Good luck!

$1 Tees at Old Navy!

Courtesy of Engineer A Debt Free Life, an awesome blog and newsletter, that helps you save and earn money:

Old Navy is selling t-shirts for $1 a piece! The $1 shirts are available at Old Navy in Canada starting on June 30 (BTW, it's July 1, so Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends and relatives) and are the Canada Day t-shirts.

The $1 shirts will be available at Old Navy in the United States on July 3 and will be the flag t-shirts. There is a limit of 5 shirts, however.

Definitely can't beat that!!!

One of my favorite sites!

This site isn't my top earner, but it's definitely in my top favorites! HCD sends surveys on fun topics! Usually political in nature, or about recent news events, these surveys aren't your typical repetitive, long drawn-out surveys that you get from a lot of companies. They usually last 5-10 minutes, asking for your opinions on hot topics. They do, occasionally, offer longer surveys, for higher pay. I did one last week, that I earned $50 for! Anyway, it's a fantastic company... I really enjoy giving them my opinions, and I get paid!!! Can't beat that! If you're just dabbling in surveys, and don't like those long ones, or the ones that disqualify you if you're not making 200K a year, you should definitely try this one!!! :)

Life... insanity!

I know my poor blog has been neglected as of late, and I do apologize. It's been a very trying time... but, I'm getting ready to go home!!! I'll miss my father dearly, but I really need to be in Oklahoma, where I'm comfortable. I have so many family members and friends in Oklahoma, and it'll be so much easier to survive. Plus, my son is so looking forward to seeing all the family back there!

Anyway, the next week is going to be quite hectic, but I do, so, plan to come back to work full-time, as soon as I get settled, and give plenty of hugs!!!

Thanks so much for all your understanding!