Sunday, September 6, 2009

National recession study, in home and/or online

Sounds really interesting. They have many locations, and you don't even HAVE to live near one of them to participate. Crossing my fingers!

How are you surviving the recession? The goal of this nationwide research project is to talk to real people, with real stories to find out what is going on in America and how the economic situation has affected their lives. We want to hear about how you, your friends, and your family have dealt with recent challenges and what kinds of real solutions you have found to manage the situation. * Participants will be paid. * We are looking for people from all over the country. * For this study we may ask you to allow interviewers to visit you in your home and/or for you to complete a diary of your thoughts on issues presented. * Whether through in-home interviews or a diary, the study will require a total of less than two hours of your time.

Apply here

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