Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Mail Decoy Company

This one is easier to get in with. I did a short term project for them about a year ago, very easy.

Go to their website and sign up.

"This is a Decoy Mail tracking service. They send different items to your mailing address, under a "decoy name." You log in each day on their website (whether you receive decoy mail or not) and are paid a small fee and for each piece of decoy mail.

They do this 1) to track timeliness of mailed items and 2) see if anyone is stealing mailing lists."

You can make about $50-$170 each month, depending on how much mail is sent to you and where you live.

Need extra income? Be a mail decoy

We provide various promotion tracking and marketing intelligence services for major national firms. They are interested in a number of things, such as the delivery date and condition of their advertising mail. From time to time, some sample merchandise to check on delivery of customer orders. We also protect their mailing lists against mis-use. In other cases, we track what other companies are doing in the way of advertising in the mail. These are essential services, many of which are also in the public interest.


All you have to do is mark the date received on each special piece as it comes in, enter it on our Web site, and save the mailings for a period of time. We may occasionally ask that you send us specific items.


Participants are credited for each valid item accurately reported. Any mailing costs are reimbursed or, we may make use of UPS call tags, etc.

There may be extra potential opportunities. From time to time some participants get to keep test shipments of merchandise, or get free copies of magazines.

Honestly, you won't get rich as a decoy agent, but many people are delighted to get some extra spending money doing something that's fun with hardly any effort. (We cannot promise any particular amount as this depends on clients' needs for your location and a number of other variables.)


If you are interested in being considered, please fill out and submit the Agent Application Request Form.

Be sure to include your name, phone number, country and city. We will contact you if there is an immediate need for coverage in your area.

Make Money Serving Samples in Stores (limited areas)

Just found a post on Gather about a part-time opportunity that one of the members has taken advantage of, and is enjoying it... serving samples in grocery stores. This company only operates in Florida, Georgia, and parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama, but it sounds like it may be a great opportunity for those of you in those areas! I know my sis-in-law used to do these projects for a company here in Oklahoma, and they paid really well. I'll try to find the info on companies that work in other areas, but for now... for any of you in the areas listed, here is some info on the company, and their link. Good luck! It sounds like fun!

Serv Corp, LLC. (SC) is one of the largest demonstration agencies in the Nation. SC enlists the services of over 3000 demonstrators and maintains 5 area offices covering Florida, Georgia, and parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. SC executives represent over 100 years of Executive Level retail and wholesale food experience. SC is the leading provider of demonstration services for Publix and Albertsons Florida and has been the Exclusive Demo Agency for the Publix Lakeland Division since 1995. Serv Corp utilizes the latest technology for field reporting and operations, from Interactive Voice Response, OCR data entry, document imaging, and web based applications.

Visit Their Website Here

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Congratulations Florida Gators, on the National Championship!

I want to offer a huge congratulations to the Florida Gators, on winning the National Championship in NCAA football last night! Yes, I live in Norman, OK, home of the OU Sooners, and I am a die-hard Sooners fan, and I will always love my Sooners! I am proud of you guys, and hey, we make it to the bowl games every year... you don't have to prove to anyone that you are an awesome team! Out of 119 teams, we made it to the National Finals, and our awesome quarterback, Sam Bradford, won the Heisman Trophy this year... no small feat!!! But, although I am a huge Sooners fan (you should see my bedroom, nothing but Sooner gear! lol), I have to admit... checking over my shoulder to make sure no fanatical Sooner fan is going to attack me... if I HAD to choose one team to win the finals over us, it would be the Florida Gators. Their team is awesome, no debating that, just look at the great season they had... AND they won the Nationals year before last as well! But the thing that impresses me most is their players. Their Quarterback, Tim Tebow, won the Heisman last year, and was nominated again this year. For anyone that doesn't know, out of the 119 teams, I believe it's three players that are nominated for the Heisman. But, even better than his playing ability, is the person that Tim Tebow is off the field! He is a great leader, and a super example for football players, fans and anyone else! Watch this short video, that pretty much sums it all up.

Anyway, I'll always love my Sooners, but am thankful that, with the Florida win, a real role model and legend will be focused on, and Tim Tebow is a great example for us all, on living, and the true important things in life. Congratulations!!!