Monday, February 2, 2009


CaféSmartPhone is a virtual Café, a live forum where informed consumers like you can express views, share experiences, provide perspective on Smartphone devices (mobile phones that work smart). This is an effort on part of us to understand what all/how you would need in a Smartphone device and related services so that companies can design products or services that you would enjoy using much more!

To become a part of CaféSmartPhone, all you need to do is sign up, answer few questions about yourself and join the select community. By regularly contributing to the discussions not only are you eligible to win great prizes, but more importantly, you can directly affect the way Smartphone devices take shape. Each one of you can help us know what is important and make a difference!

So, come on…register yourself at CaféSmartPhone

Tasters Choice Panel


As a TASTER, you can receive complimentary samples of NESCAFÉ TASTER'S CHOICE and promotional items to share with friends, as well as the opportunity to earn points you can redeem for great rewards like gift cards, merchandise and more.

Before you can become a TASTER, we need you to answer a few questions to see if you qualify. Just click on the link below and complete the application. If you are chosen, we will be in touch with you very soon. Thank you for your interest and for supporting NESCAFÉ TASTER'S CHOICE!

The Tasters are a group of influential and active adults that help spread the word about NESCAFÉ TASTER'S CHOICE. This elite team also provides feedback on NESCAFÉ TASTER'S CHOICE products, promotions and marketing efforts as well as trends in the marketplace. In exchange, Tasters can receive promotional items, samples, and coupons to share with friends, acquaintances, and others in their community. In addition, Tasters can complete simple weekly activities and earn points that can be used to redeem great rewards in our online store.

Here’s how it works:

* Apply by filling out the questionnaire below

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The Tasters program ends December 31, 2009.


Nationwide IT professionals needed $100

We are an independent market research company looking for several IT personnel from medium to large companies to participate in a one hour telephone interview. The sessions will take place over the first few weeks in February.

Those people who are chosen to participate will be paid $100 for their time and input.

Your participation is completely anonymous and your information confidential. These studies are strictly for market research and no sales attempt will ever be made as a result of your participation.

If you are interested in participating, please take a moment to fill out the following brief questionnaire.

Please note that answering this questionnaire is not a guarantee of being selected to participate or receipt of payment.