Thursday, January 29, 2009

Platinum Lounge

Platinum Lounge, an online media company that rewards YOU for comments and posts about movies, music, and your random thoughts! We are in more than 140 countries and have rewarded loungers with $56,700 and counting!!! FREE!!! To begin, all you need is a PayPal account!


* New Profile -- 50 points.
* Comments -- 10-50 points.
* New Thread -- 50 points.
* Post a Image -- 5 points.
* Post a Poll -- 10 points.
* Comments & Posts On Weekends -- 30-1,000 points.
* Specials -- 40 to 25,000 points.
* REGISTERING A FRIEND -- 503 points!!


Please list baybay23 as your referrer... I'll get extra points, and so will you!!!

Win Prizes by Watching TV!

Earn points by answering trivia questions about your favorite tv shows! You can, also, earn points by doing short surveys, etc., and cash out for some pretty great prizes. Very easy to participate!
Email me for an invitations!

Probemarket $175 In Home Opinion Study

We are conducting (2) hour in home opinion studies paying $175 on 2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 2/12 at various times throughout the day. If interested, please respond to with the following information:

Complete Name

Telephone Number

City/Zip Code You Live In

Do you live in an Urban or Suburban Area?


Ethnic background

Do you own a washing machine/dryer or do you have a washing

machine/dryer in your home?

Do you have a washer/drying combination machine, where one machine

does both the wash and the dry cycles & you do not need to move the

laundry until the clothes have been cleaned and dried?

If yes, what is the brand and model number of the washer/dryer combination machine?

Do you plan on purchasing a combination washer/dryer machine in the next

6 months or have you considered purchasing a washer dryer

combination machine in the past 6 months?

Please tell me which of the following statements best describes you (Please choose only one)

A. I am a busy, ambitious and career driven individual. When I am shopping for household products and appliances, I am looking for what makes my life easier.

B. I am always looking for the newest gadgets and appliances and enjoy sharing my new purchases with my friends and family.

C. When making decisions about purchasing products, I always consider the environmental impact of my purchase and choose the eco-friendly option.

D. When I am purchasing products, I research products and look for products that have the best value rather than the cheapest or most expensive.

E. My kids are getting older or have moved out, and I don’t have the demands on household chores as I used to have.

F. I am getting to the age where I look for products that are easy to use and convenient since I am not physically able to do things as well as I used to.

Thank you for your time! A recruiter will contact those who are eligible. Absolutely NO calls please!

$10 Starbucks GC for joining CompassBank Panel

At Compass, we value your opinion and want to hear what you have to say about important business issues. If you choose to join our panel, we'll be contacting you throughout the year with brief surveys that will only take a few minutes to complete. To thank you for signing up, you'll receive a $10 Starbucks gift card. We hope you will join us and help us make business banking at Compass even better.