Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Love Working At Home

Man, it has been a really rough year. And, as some of you know, I lost my Grandfather about a week ago. The depression has really gotten me down. I, also, have a variety of health problems. For the past three weeks, it seems I have done nothing but sleep. I have not been motivated to do anything, and even if I was, I have simply not had the energy. I don't know if it's stress related, or more likely, due to my hypothyroidism, or a combination of both those and other factors.

The good news is, I did at least get my thyroid meds adjusted today... unfortunately, it's all a guessing game, so we'll have to see how it works, and it'll be a bit before I know, but I'll be thankful for any energy I can get at this point! lol

Anyway, at least working at home, I do have that freedom. Yes, it stinks financially, when I'm unable to work, but at least I can make up for it at other times. I know many of us who look to supplement our income online, it is due to health problems... or... kids, which I have, as well! lol I love that I can decide that I am going to go to my daughter's concert, or my son's event at school. I can take the time to take my daughter to go get her permit, whenever HER schedule allows! lol I can be here at home and take care of them if they get sick, and still get on the computer and make a little money.

My "work" is interesting, changing from day to day. My "work" makes a difference... I get to have my voice heard, which is very important to me. I get to try new products and learn about new ideas. It has given me confidence to write to companies with suggestions, complaints and even compliments. I love that aspect!

Of course, there are the downsides too... you do have to be motivated. For the past few weeks, for example, I have barely made any money, because I have been physically and mentally unable to concentrate on the work I need to get done. There are, also, times when I simply can't concentrate, due to my motherly duties... which is to be expected... or the kids just being stir crazy, and wanting to tell me everything they've been storing up in their heads for two weeks, AS SOON AS I start working on a project! lol There is, also, a lot of competition for online opportunities, but, I have found, if you are reliable and honest, these companies do, often, tend to offer opportunities to you more often than others. One of the worst parts, however, is when they pay through check, and you simply cannot rely on the postal service. Ugh! I have been experiencing that more than not lately... and that is sooooo frustrating!!! When any of us do any kind of work for pay, we expect that pay, and depend on it (unless you're just so wealthy you don't ever have to worry about bills, in which case, you probably wouldn't be spending your time on these kinds of jobs anyway! lol). One of the more reliable survey companies I have been with for many, many years, has owed me a check for $75 for a few months now. Unfortunately, the check keeps getting lost in the mail. I know that the company in question is telling me the truth, but man, it's getting overwhelming... got, yet another, email from them today, letting them know that my check had been returned to them. I guess it'll be a nice surprise when it does finally arrive!

Anyway, I guess any "job" has it's pros and cons, but all in all, with my health issues, and just being a mom who loves the ability to take the time off for my kiddos, without repercussions, I definitely prefer working from home.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Why do you want to earn from home? What are the pros and cons in your opinion? Any companies you would recommend over others? I would love to hear your experiences!

Also, while I'm at it, let me know what you would like to see more or less of on here. As some of you know, I started another page for regular work at home jobs, and one for contests, and then, of course, this site, for all those great survey sites, focus groups, etc. I would love to hear your suggestions! And, if anyone needs help figuring out any of these sites or anything, please, feel free to contact me (there's a box on the right side of the page). I'd be glad to help, to the best of my ability!

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued reading, and a huge welcome to all our new readers and followers! Hope to continue on, and hopefully we'll all have a successful time!



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