Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update on Opinion Outpost Payments

Opinion Outpost has been one of my top companies for the past year or so. There are always surveys to be done, and I can easily cash out many times in a month. I have, also, been thrilled, because I have been receiving their checks, usually within a week of cashing out. I just got news about their soon to come updated paying policies, however, and am a bit perplexed. They already started giving the option of receiving Amazon gift cards, instantly, upon cashing out, which is cool... but some of us really need the actual money. They'll still be giving money, but, I guess at the end of 2009, they're phasing out checks, and going, instead, to prepaid debit cards. Again, this could have advantages and disadvantages... there are fees with prepaid gift cards, although, according to them, the fees would be waived if you cash out at $25. The fee is only $1.50, but still... I would rather just get my check a week after requesting it, and still be able to cash out at $5, rather than waiting for $25.... OR... why don't they just offer Paypal???!!! It would be faster, more efficient, and it shouldn't matter whether we request at $5 or $25... I don't know... I guess I'm resistant to change, when something I like is already working fine for me...

Of course, I'll still stick with Opinion Outpost, because they are a reliable company, and they do pay as promised.... and, they do give you plenty of opportunities to earn that money... but, here's the "official word" from them... you decide...

We at Opinion Outpost are excited to announce two new and improved ways to cash Opinion Points. Ojae Barnes, Director of Opinion Outpost, explains how these upgrades will affect panel members.


We are committed to offering you compelling rewards for participating in surveys. We will continue to look for better ways to say 'thanks' with our guaranteed rewards for surveys you've completed.

I want to share some exciting news about our up-coming reward options. Our popular Opinion Points program will not change (10 points per dollar) - however, you will now have more options for cashing out your rewards faster and easier than before.

Soon you will have the choice to redeem the full cash value of your Opinion Points for gift codes. The best aspect of this incentive is that you will receive your gift code instantly on screen and by email*.
Before the end of 2009 you will also be able to redeem your Opinion Points for a Citi prepaid debit card. You can either receive a virtual debit card or choose to have a physical card** mailed to you.
Currently we send a check in the mail to panelists for their redeemed Opinion Points. This process was slow and frustrating for everyone and we feel our new options will be a vast improvement. As a result, we will phase out sending checks as a means of cashing in points early next year. Of course, your point balance will remain unaffected through this transition.

We're excited about this improved offering for the Opinion Outpost community. If you have any questions, feel free to email our service team at You may also call a representative of Opinion Outpost at (877) 254-1234. Or talk to us on Facebook or Twitter.

**If you choose to have a physical Citi prepaid debit card mailed to you, for any dollar amount between $5 and $24.99 a $1.50 charge will be deducted for the cost of the physical debit card. For any amount of $25 or more, we will cover this fee for you.

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