Monday, September 14, 2009

Reliable, Thank God!

I've been complaining all month about not getting survey checks that I'm owed... it's been a really excruciating time! I just moved, so I am completely broke, and checking an empty mailbox every day really can get depressing!

I must say, though, one company really has come through and impressed me lately... that's Opinion Outpost. Sure, I've had my days when I didn't care too much for them, namely when a survey would have a glitch... but this site has become my "Old Faithful"! I can log in, pretty much every day, and have new surveys to complete. Payout is only $5, so I can earn that, just sitting there for a little bit, and immediately request a check. These checks have been coming in less than a week! That's outstanding, for a survey company!!! Granted, most of the ones lately have been smaller than I usually request, just 'cause I've been so broke, so I've been cashing out at $6, $8, $10, etc., but at least it is a relief to see that smaller check from Opinion Outpost than that depressing, empty mailbox! lol

Thank you Opinion Outpost... you've really helped this poor WAHM this month! :)

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