Monday, September 14, 2009

Dollar Surveys

Ok, so I've been up all night again (stupid insomnia), so I figured I'd do a few surveys to keep me awake this morning. I don't know why I went to . Well, I do...

Pretty much every survey you do for them is a dollar. With some of them, that's not bad, but with others, like this morning, they're dragging on and on, and I'm thinking, "I'm doing this for a dollar?!" They do, however, often have really short ones, sometimes they pay a bit less, but it's something like entering your email address for fifty cents. I love those (as long as you don't use your main email account for this company), and they add up quickly.

The reason I KEEP doing surveys for is that I love that immediate gratification... well, not immediate, but pretty darn close! They pay every week, and they pay by Paypal. With the month I've been having (just moved, have all those expenses), expecting all these checks in the mail, going out to the box every day, just to find it empty, these Paypal payments have been a sunny spot! lol

Anyway, it's a judgement call you'll hafta make... sometimes you do surveys that are too long to only be paid a dollar, but you do get that dollar quickly! Pretty much sums it up!

What do y'all think?

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