Friday, September 18, 2009

InfoPirate: Get Paid to Bookmark Your Website(s)

InfoPirate is a website that allows you to make money for adding "bookmarks" to the site.

This sounds like a pretty cool program for numerous reasons:

Pay is made through Google Adsense, so you will need a Google Adsense account. The way this works is each time the bookmark you submit is viewed an advertisement is placed on it. If the person viewing it clicks the ad, you get 80% of the revenue generated from the click and InfoPirate keeps the rest. 80% of a click isn't a ton of cash; it's likely a penny or two, but if you get only a few clicks a day, you have potential to make $10 or more a month.

Second, you can use it to get backlinks / inbound links to your website(s). When you post a bookmark you not only get one free link for posting the url to your site but you also get a little text box to write a small blurb about the site. The text box accepts html, so you can easily score another 2 links. I suggest making them anchored text keyword links as opposed to just links to your homepage anchored to the name of your site.

Third, it's 100% FREE marketing. So what if you never make a penny from a click; you're still getting free publicity. So why not register for free and list all your sites? It only takes about 2 minutes to list a site. Very basic stuff - name of site, url, blurb then select the catergory for a list of 5 different categories. Nothin' fancy.

Fourth, there's a referral program. If you decide to refer others to InfoPirate you get a percentage of the money they make as a bonus. Referral pay is only 10%. So if one click on your buddy's page earns him $0.10 cents, you earn a penny. Once again, hey, it's free money.

So check out InfoPirate and add your sites today. It's a win-win situation. And there's no maximum to how many sites you can submit. There also doesn't appear to be an "approval process", so your sites are instantly published as soon as you submit them.

Sign up for InfoPirate here!

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