Friday, September 18, 2009

Healthy To Go Posssible Weight Loss Product Test..

Review the latest product in the Healthy To Go® family,
new all-natural Trim Energy® weight loss support formula
and get a FREE 12-week supply!

30 people will be chosen so please only apply if your serious about weight loss


To Go Brand’s is proud to introduce, the latest in the Healthy To Go® family, Trim Energy®! Trim Energy® is a refreshing weight loss support formula with a “Triple Action Edge” to help you lose weight…naturally! As a Healthy To Go® VIP, we would love for you to be the first to “try it on for size” and give us your comments and feedback about the product, all the while kick-starting your own weight loss program! The ingredients in this unique formula have been thoroughly tested by third party evaluators following FDA safety testing guidelines and it is now time to field test its performance with our customers.

As a reviewer of our all-natural Trim Energy®, you will receive a 12-week supply of Trim Energy®, a BPA-free water bottle, and a Healthy To Go® journal for jotting down key information about your weight loss progress. In addition you will be provided tips on losing weight and we’ll of course be checking in with you for motivational support! If selected for the test, you will be asked to provide a weekly report on your progress and agree to take the product in accordance with usage instructions for the full 12- week period. You also agree to provide us feedback on the product and the results that you achieve.

If you are interested in reviewing this product for us, we need some information from you!

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