Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earn cool prizes and $$ just for searching, as usual with Swagbucks!

I've tried all the online earning opps, and been pretty successful with most, but haven't liked most of the search and win sites, as they just don't pay enough. Swagbucks is different though! I've been a member for a couple months, and have already earned over 200 Swagbucks, which can be used for really, really cool prizes, or even Paypal! I downloaded the toolbar, which isn't huge and annoying like some, and just use it for my regular searches, and every day, I get extra bucks! You can also get "free" swagcodes in the toolbar, so it really adds up quickly!

Give it a try, it's easy to cash out for a good Amazon gift card, etc. every couple weeks, and you don't have to work hard to do it!!!


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