Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$125 ONLINE BULLETIN BOARD Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York

We have an online opinion study on October 12th, 13th and 14th. The time commitment PER day will be approximately 45 minutes and we will ask you to log 2X per day. Your children need to be available for a portion of that time, as we mat ask questions of them as well. WE will pay $125 for the 3 days. Additionally, 3 people from each city (we are recruiting 15 per city) will be selected to participate in a follow up in home interview that lasts 2 hours (and will be scheduled at your convenience) on (Atlanta – 10/20-10/22) Los Angeles (10/27-10/29) and NY Metro (11/2-11/4) This will be a FAMILY interview – so kids and parents will need to be available – it will be videotaped and we will pay you $250 for this portion of the study.

If interested:

Complete Name

Telephone Number

What is your ethnic background?

Where do you live? ( Atlanta , Los Angles, NY Metro)

What city specifically do you live in specifically?

How far from downtown are you located in miles?

Do you have children?

If yes – please list genders and ages

What brand or brands of athletic apparel or shoes is your child/children currently


Is your child or children involved in organized or team sports?

If yes, please list specifically what organized/team sports they are involved in.


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