Monday, June 22, 2009

Just rambling...

I am soooo sick of being sick!!! I was in the hospital this past week, after being at the ER three times, not being able to hold anything down... yuck... too much info, I know! lol I have been doubled over in pain for two weeks, even on Dilaudid!!! They're not sure what's wrong (go figure... sometimes I really hate the medical profession!), and I'm just plain tired of it. I haven't had the energy to work on this, or anything else, for that matter! I'm supposed to get in to see a specialist this week, y'all send good thoughts my way, k?!!!

Things have been so wild since I arrived in Cali! I have treasured the times with my Dad, although, bless his heart, I've been either feeling deathly ill or so stressed that i would rather be deathly ill, through most of it! lol Fortunately, he's a patient man... Dad, have I told ya lately how much I love ya?!

Anyway, I've been here a little over three months, I guess. I had my car stolen, and then a few weeks ago, even worse, when my wallet was stolen. Ugh! That stupid little brown wallet that I just had to buy when I saw it at Big Lots, 'cause it was "so cute" and only cost five bucks! lol I lost, not only $80 in cash and about $200 in gift cards, but more importantly, my driver's license, bank cards, insurance cards, etc. The idiot tried to use my bank card not ten minutes after stealing it... but then, maybe he/she wasn't such an idiot after all... even though it was on video, the police won't investigate it... just not important enough, apparently!!! Sooooo.... some criminal has my id, my bank cards, insurance cards, etc. As my dad's girlfriend suggested, it could be an illegal, who wants to use the info for work purposes... who knows? What really has me upset it that they can do it.... I can't!!! I was born in the US... I haven't broken any laws lately, except maybe not coming to a complete stop at a sign... and I can't even prove who the h@#L I am! California won't give me a driver's license... or ID, because my birth certificate has my birth name and my social security card has my married name...

On top of all this, I can't get my freakin' mail!!!! As y'all know, i depend on those checks coming in. Well, the wonderful California post office is either sending my mail to Sacramento... or sending it back!!! My replacement bank card, that I was waiting inpatiently for (they had to order the replacement from Oklahoma... couldn't do it here in CA, even though it is a Bank of freakin' AMERICA), was sent to Sacramento... and before I got that, I didn't even have ID to access my freakin' bank accounts!!!

Ok, ok, I guess I can almost laugh about it now... well, I laugh to keep from falling into another crying fit is more like it! lol But all of this, for some strange reason, got to me, and I decided, "I'm going home, where at least I can get another copy of the VALID driver's license I have! lol Sooo... I've been stressing all week, which is probably why I got sick in the first place, and then I stressed because I GOT sick, 'cause that meant I couldn't drive home on my own... ugh!!! lol Anyway, I think I finally made it thru the worst of the sickness (God I hope so!), and set a date to go home... July 1. But then.... (of course) after I told everyone I would be coming home on that date... I finally got ahold of my dentist office this morning, and the work I need on my teeth FINALLY got approved, so now, I have that appointment Wed. and I'm gonna have to find out how long it'll take to get it done, and probably reschedule my trip. Man, this is soooo hard... I've been so tempted, so often, to just go get in my Explorer and go! It's 24 hrs. driving time from here to Norman, and I'm ready!!!

Soooo... this week, I should have an appointment with the specialist, and I have an appt. Wed. with the dentist, so I'm gonna be busy (and miserable) for several days. With my upcoming trip, whenever it's gonna be now, I don't wanna leave this poor blog completely unattended for too long, so I'll do my best to get in here and post away until then. Thanks so much to all of you for the understanding!!!

Hope all of y'all are having a better year than I am!!! lol


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