Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Centercode Test Opportunities

Centercode has a new opportunity for people who own DIY (Do-It-Yourself) IP Cameras. A new community has been established to explore how people use these cameras in their personal life, what features they use and what they would like to see in future technologies.

A DIY IP network camera is easy to use and can be setup without the need for a professional installer. It is typically attached to a wired or wireless network and is used in surveillance or for monitoring activities in a home or small business. A normal DIY camera can capture and send compressed video over a network and be checked from your laptop, desktop and other Internet enabled device.

If you currently own one or more of these cameras and want to help drive the future of this technology, please click the following link and register to be a part of this panel.{0748E218-FCAA-4D0A-B38D-6BC473D284C3}

This is a new community. You will need to complete a new profile. If you have an existing profile with OnlineBeta or other Centercode service it will not work. These cameras are not "webcams" which are typically used for two-party calls with software like Skype.

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