Thursday, January 29, 2009

Probemarket $175 In Home Opinion Study

We are conducting (2) hour in home opinion studies paying $175 on 2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 2/12 at various times throughout the day. If interested, please respond to with the following information:

Complete Name

Telephone Number

City/Zip Code You Live In

Do you live in an Urban or Suburban Area?


Ethnic background

Do you own a washing machine/dryer or do you have a washing

machine/dryer in your home?

Do you have a washer/drying combination machine, where one machine

does both the wash and the dry cycles & you do not need to move the

laundry until the clothes have been cleaned and dried?

If yes, what is the brand and model number of the washer/dryer combination machine?

Do you plan on purchasing a combination washer/dryer machine in the next

6 months or have you considered purchasing a washer dryer

combination machine in the past 6 months?

Please tell me which of the following statements best describes you (Please choose only one)

A. I am a busy, ambitious and career driven individual. When I am shopping for household products and appliances, I am looking for what makes my life easier.

B. I am always looking for the newest gadgets and appliances and enjoy sharing my new purchases with my friends and family.

C. When making decisions about purchasing products, I always consider the environmental impact of my purchase and choose the eco-friendly option.

D. When I am purchasing products, I research products and look for products that have the best value rather than the cheapest or most expensive.

E. My kids are getting older or have moved out, and I don’t have the demands on household chores as I used to have.

F. I am getting to the age where I look for products that are easy to use and convenient since I am not physically able to do things as well as I used to.

Thank you for your time! A recruiter will contact those who are eligible. Absolutely NO calls please!

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