Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mothers Know Best Paying Panel

Sounds like another one run by the same guys as Global Test Market, which I have always been paid with...

When we started MothersKnowBest we started with new moms in mind, which is why we always pay a cash reward when you give your feedback in a survey.

No more one in a million lottery prizes, MothersKnowBest gives you real money that can go towards the real expenses of a new baby, including the occasional and very necessary splurge on Mom herself!

Do people really make money taking online surveys through MothersKnowBest?

YES! MothersKnowBest keeps track of the surveys you take, and every time you participate you’ll earn MarketPoints, our virtual currency. As soon as you’ve earned 1000 points, we’ll send a check to your mailing address for $50 cash!

How do I become a member of the MothersKnowBest panel?

To become a panel member, click here. The form takes only a few minutes and is completely confidential.

How much does it cost to join MothersKnowBest?

Membership is always free.

What are my responsibilities as a Member of MothersKnowBest?

You are never required to participate in a survey unless you feel comfortable, and when you do, all we ask is that you thoughtfully and truthfully complete every question. Remember, we’re only here to find out what you think!


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