Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't Be Scammed by Work at Home Offers

It happens every day, even to those who think it couldn't happen to them... they hear of an "awesome" work at home job, someone claims they've been paid, so you send in your money, and Bam! You learn the hard way.

I sent off, many years ago, for a book full of work at home companies. Paid too much money for it, only to find out the companies were no longer in business, or were the type where you buy materials from them to make a product, send in the product expecting payment, and then the products are rejected... and you lose, not only the time you spent assembling it, but also the money for materials and shipping.

I was reading about one such company tonight, Disciple's Cross. I saw a post from someone, talking about how great it is. Yep, it sounded great! That's why I decided to do a quick search. One thing I've learned over the years is... the internet is my friend! lol When you find a company that sounds great, like this one did after reading that post, put in the name of the company in parenthesis, and add the word "complaints" or "scam". That way, you'll quickly find out any negative words that have come out about that company.

One thing to remember, however, is almost any company in the world is going to have at least a few complainers, especially if it is a large company. For example, I've heard some swear that GlobalTestMarket is a scam, while it is one of the survey companies I love, as they have always been reliable and paid every cent I earned. The thing is to dig in... especially before you send any money... and really read up about the company. When I did a search on Disciple's Cross, I, quickly, came up with sooooo many results, and some of the ones I paid close attention to were on work at home forums, where people like us share information. They've been there, done that.
Another thing you can always do, as well, is check the BBB.

When it doubt, my recommendation would be to not mess with it, especially if they expect YOU to pay anything. As I always say, the entire point of working at home is for you to make money, not pay it out!

If any of you have questions about any specific companies, feel free to shoot me an email, and if I know anything about it, I'll let ya know!

Nite y'all!

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