Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Share Earn for Contributions of All Kinds!

1. Contribute
First contribute a content to Savvy Spot. Everything (We mean everything including deals, freebies, reviews, questions, advice, images, recommendations, contact information, links, files and even a comment) is eligible for My Share™ program.
2. Watch the shares grow
Every day, Savvy Spot will issue an X number of shares to the user for each of their contributions based on several different factors. These factors include number of views, number of positive ratings, number of negative ratings, and amount of activities.
3. Get Paid
Every month, after Savvy Spot settles its revenue with the advertiser, Savvy Spot will set aside a portion of its revenue for the My Share™ exchange program. Then based on the amount of revenue and the amount of shares issued in the previous month, an exchange rate will be calculated, which will dictate how much cash we pay for a single issue of My Share™. Then the user's account will be credited based on this exchange rate.

Recent exchange rates are displayed below:
MonthExchange RateProcess Date
July 2009$0.138/27/2009
June 2009$0.127/28/2009
May 2009$0.156/28/2009
April 2009$0.185/28/2009
March 2009$0.164/27/2009
February 2009$0.053/28/2009
January 2009$0.262/27/2009
December 2008$0.311/28/2009
November 2008$0.2012/28/2008
October 2008$0.1511/28/2008
September 2008$0.1910/27/2008
August 2008$0.359/28/2008
July 2008$0.158/27/2008
June 2008$0.137/27/2008
May 2008$0.186/29/2008
April 2008$0.105/27/2008
March 2008$0.054/26/2008
February 2008$0.073/27/2008

Start Earning with My Share

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