Wednesday, September 23, 2009

23-day Sleep Research study, $5445, Boston

Man, I, sooooo wish they did studies like this in my area! lol I've seen some crazy ones listed in my day.... getting paid to smoke pot, studies for meth users, I can't even begin to tell ya all of the ones I've seen! Of course, I don't qualify for the two I just told ya about!!!!! lol But for the money they pay... it should make some stoners happy!!! haha

Anyway, in case one of my lucky readers lives in Boston, here's an easy one... a sleep study... that pays over 5 grand!!!

The Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital is seeking healthy men & women ages 18-30 who are not on medications to participate in a research study about how differences in the PER3 gene impact sleep and performance. You will have a 4-week screening and then if you are eligible you will spend 23 consecutive days and nights living at the Hospital.

If you complete the entire study you will receive up to $5,445

For more information, call 617-525-8434 or send an email to us at:

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