Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Person Focus Groups

Man, moving to California has been rough! lol Part of me feels like I'm just not "tough enough" to make it out here... had my car stolen after about a month out here, and had my wallet stolen not even two weeks ago! To make matters worse, my driver's license, which was one of the many things I lost in that ordeal, is from Oklahoma, so trying to get any form of ID with my current name has been soooo awful!!! I bought a new (used) vehicle yesterday... it's soooo nice, but I'm so freakin' paranoid, with everything that's already happened! Even though it has an anti-theft system, I put a "club" on the steering wheel, and ordered more security stuff tonight, 'cause I'm so scare of it getting broken into or stolen!!!

Anyway... didn't mean to get off into all that! lol There is a positive side to California financially! When you do paid surveys, and especially focus groups, it helps to be in such a large area. I'm close to SanFran and Berkeley, where there are focus groups held every day of the week. Not only can you sign up for all the market research companies and have them email or call you when a study is available, it always helps to keep an eye on blogs that focus on these, or message boards, etc. That's how I've learned the most about upcoming studies online. If you are in, or near, any major city, though, you can usually find lots of great studies by checking . Click on your city. Look at the area for job listings, and check the "etc" and "part time" listings. A lot of major focus group companies will list studies that are needing participents. It's a great way to, not only have your voice heard and help shape your favorite products, you can also earn some quick cash!


  1. How much is the wage per task? Is it paid according to hours spent?

  2. What an ordeal. Let's hope the thieves stay away from now on.

  3. just coming by to thank you for the comment on my blog, though am a bit too late in this, but i guess better late than never :D
    Hope nothing will ever be stolen from you :)

    The Colors Magazine

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