Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video Chat Network/People Who Work Out Regularly-$$$$ + Flip Cam

Video Chat Network/People Who Work Out Regularly-$$$$ + Flip Cam Received email on this today. Must pre-qualify:

We are getting ready to conduct a very interesting project that is somewhat different from our standard video chats.

What we are looking to do is to conduct several "self portraits" among Video Chat Network panelists, aged 21-45, who regularly work out. To see samples of VCN, Self Portraits, where panelists turn the camera on themselves, please check out: Link .

More specifically, we are looking for panelists who fall into one of the following categories below. Qualified panelists will receive a brand new flip cam, a supply of nutritional bars/supplements and cash valued at $250 in total.

In return we ask qualified participants to complete an assignment we will email to you where you (or someone else) will video record you on your new flip cam at various points during the day, before, during and after work outs. We will also ask for you to record yourself shopping for some nutritional sports products we want you to shop for and try. In total we will ask you to record around 45 minutes of footage across a 4-5 day period and simply send it back to us via the flip cam software you will install on your computer.

The timing will be for us to get you set up to start by 5/11 so that you can send footage back to us by 5/15.

Please let us know which of the following categories you fall into.

Category 1--Elite athletes--work out 5+ times a week either at a gym, running or for a team sport. Fitness and nutrition is considered to be critical to how you lead your lives. You work out primarily for strength and athletic performance. You may currently be using sports nutritional products like bars, drinks and supplements as a regular part of your fitness regime (brands such as Muscle Milk, EAS, Clif and PowerBar).

Category 2--Active lifestyle athletes--work out around 3 times a week as part of a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle. You understand the link between diet, nutrition and fitness but may not always be super disciplined in your regime. You may have tried sports nutritional products on occasion but do not use them regularly (brands such as Muscle Milk, EAS, Clif and PowerBar).

If you fall into category 2, please also specify if your prime work out activity is going to the gym, running or a team sport.

If you are interested in participating in this project please email back to Zoe Cantor at

Or I have added a link to their site where you can join if you are not already a member. Good luck!


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