Thursday, March 12, 2009

Participants for Gtown Cultural/Emotion Online Survey Study

The GU Emotion and Cultural Psychology Lab is looking for participants who identify themselves as 1st or 2nd Generation Asian or Asian American, Hispanic, Eastern European, Russian or African American. If you fall into any of these cultural groups and are interested in participating in an online survey let us know.

The study is a cultural study that looks at social support. The survey takes between 40-60 minutes and is completed entirely online at your convenience. It will ask you to recall up to three recent episodes when you received advice from a family member, friend, and/or professional. Once you are done you will be compensated with a $10 amazon or target gift certificate that we send you via your email address. We really appreciate your interest. If you are eligible, we can send you the link to the survey website. We can be contacted at ** vaughn.thesis"at"gmail"dot"com **

Please email the above email address if you are interested in completing the online study.

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