Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Focus Groups... A Great Way to Make Quick Cash!

I just got back from San Fran a little bit ago, with an extra $115 in my pocket! How did I do it? I went in and gave my opinions on computers. I spent a little over an hour, in a small group of people, talking about what we like and don't like, what we look for when purchasing a computer, stuff like that... and at the end, they handed us each an envelope, containing $115!

Just a few days ago, I did one, for a little under an hour, and walked out with an extra $75.

Living in Oklahoma, I didn't have access to a lot of market research firms in my area, but moving to California, those market research companies are quickly becoming a huge benefit! I have done surveys online for years, and a few online focus groups, where they have several people in something like a chat room, discussing brands, products and services, and what they could do to improve them. There is definitely good money in it, but I have to tell ya, I'm loving these quick, casual in person focus groups!!!

So, how do you find live focus groups? The main place I check is Craigslist. If you go to your city, or one you would be willing to travel to for focus groups, you go to the job listing section, and click on "etc" jobs. That is where many research companies tend to post upcoming groups. You can also do a search in your phonebooks, or on a site, like switchboard.com, and find market research companies listed in your area. Call, and ask to be included in their database, and they will call you when they have studies needing people who fit your demographics (age, work industry, etc.).

The best way, however, to find out about these events, seems to be through networking. Join the groups on Gather, dedicated to making money at home or online. People in the know share tips and information on great companies, which ones to avoid, etc. That is how I really got started, earning a decent income from surveys. I have a very small group of friends that I share info with, and we all stay connected, sending any new sites, info, etc. It always helps to have friends "in the know".

Anyway, I was just really excited about tonight's group, and especially the cash I earned, and wanted to share with you all. It is a really fun way to earn some spare cash, and it's great for those who want something with a flexible schedule, because you can decide which ones you want to participate in, and never HAVE to do one.

Good luck everyone, and Happy Earning!

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