Sunday, March 1, 2009

A few more freebies!

Don't worry, I'll be back to posting $$ opportunities shortly! lol But, when I come across some of the great freebies, I like to share! Hope y'all enjoy a few of these!

When you join their mailing list - right side of the page. I have even heard of some folks getting great products and samples mailed to them, after signing up for this!

Pepper in Some Exclusive Offers

Join Chili's Email Club for the latest happenings and exclusive offers
including a welcome gift of FREE CHIPS & QUESO when you sign up!

Free download John Heffron Comedy CD

GameHouse games giveaway Everyday you can download full version of a new game on GameHouse website.

Free download of the Jaydiohead album Jay-Z vocals and Radiohead tracks have been mixed together under the name Jaydiohead for an online mash-up album. You can download the whole album or single tracks. Ten tracks in all.

FREE T-Shirt! No Strings Attached (NSA) after anti-spam download As a mamber of MIcrosoft Technet, I received a flyer in their monthly magazine. I signed up for an anti-spam email application that promised a free t-shirt.

You must follow the link and enter your email address. They mail you a link to download the software and fill out a form for a t-shirt.

There is also a link to get a free t-shirt mailed to you!

You do not need to be a "Technet" member, and you don't need to install the software!


Free Gift From Marlboro Free Gift From Marlboro.

Either a Carabiner Key Ring or BOGO pack of smokes

Code MAR8133
or if that doesn't work try


Random free sports tix or tee shirts New sports social networking site that is giving away shirts and tickets for subscribing to their newsletter...


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