Monday, January 5, 2009

Shared Reviews

A few days ago Shared Reviews announced a new "Bounty" program that you may be interested in. Check out the email -

"Hey SharedReviewers,

It took us a few days longer than anticipated, but the author application forms and early customer sign ups are live! You can access the new site by clicking the Apply for Program link in the top right corner of your SharedReviews Profile Home page, or direct dialing in your browser address bar.

So, what are Bounties?

Bounties are assignments from customers for custom content they'd like to purchase for their websites. Although initially this will be articles only, it will eventually include Videos and Photos for all those avid Photographers and Videographers in the community. Basically, customers will publicize Assignments they'd like you to fulfill. Our proprietary matching engine will then recommend the best authors for the assignment based on the criteria they enter, where they'll make their choice based on the profile, history, and work examples authors publicize in their member profiles and the info they enter on the application form.

We have been trialing this program in a private alpha the last couple of months, and with all of the learning we have acquired we see some very cool ways we can revolutionize the pay for content industry for both authors and customers, so expect some earth shattering cool things to materialize when we go live. In the meantime, make sure you come and apply since there's no cost and the earning potential will be huge for those that have the skills, plus we may have some assignments for you even sooner.

The requirements to become accepted as an author in the beta are:

1) You have a SharedReviews member account. Our matching engine will leverage all of the great profile info members have shared, and we'll eventually be integrating all author aspects directly into the SharedReviews site in the future.

2) Youre physically located in North America. We may open this up to other countries with English as their primary language such as the UK and Australia, but we need to keep it simple out of the gate. If [UTF-8?]you’re located in one of those latter two countries and are interested in the program, make sure you let us know either directly through an email ( or on the SharedReviews Forum so we can gauge interest.

3) You can show us examples of work you've done so we can see what you're capable of. You'll have the options of sharing your resume, sample articles, or links to other sites to highlight your experience. Dont worry if you're not a professional freelance writer, we want to open this lucrative vertical up to anyone who has the ability to create great content and wants to pad their income in these times of economic uncertainty, so quality Reviews and your history on SharedReviews both apply as well.

Although we may be opening up sections of the new site over the coming weeks, expect our big beta launch in January where we hope to offer some of the highest author payouts in the industry!

Peter Ejtel


I think this is going to be an exciting program for a lot of people looking to freelance (and NOT through Associated Content!). Hopefully the new SharedReviews will be super cool! I know Im looking forward to it!

If you're not a Shared Reviews member yet, be sure to sign up here and then you can apply for the Bounty program.

Shared Reviews

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