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Free Baby Wipes for Consumer Panel Study

Nieto Consumer Panel
4604 Quail Ct
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Fax: 770-967-1976
#55101 Baby Wipe Survey

Name:_____________________________________________ _______________________________________

Phone Number________________________________ Child’s diaper or training pant size: ________________

Prior to the wipe product test we need to learn more about your preferences. If you have been reached by phone to complete this survey, please do not duplicate your efforts by filling it out again. The survey was not designed to be completed online, but in an effort to include you we have opted to email it to you. Print out the blank version, fill in your opinions and either fax or mail it to the address above. An alternative way is to fill it out online and email it back to us. That method is rather awkward for you, but even a messy form works for us.

Most important thing is that we receive your responses as quickly as possible. The baby wipe project will be filled very quickly. Thanks for taking the time to give us some insight into your wipe buying habits.

1. a) What brand of wipes do you buy most often? b) What type of wipes do you buy?

 1- Huggies  1-Unscented/fragrance free
 2- Pampers  2- Scented
 3- Store Brand _____________  3- For sensitive skin
 4- Other __________________  4- Other ________________

2. a) What type of container do you buy most often? b) What size of container?

 1- Tub  1 40 or less wipes
 2- Refill  2 60 to 90 wipes
 3- Soft pack w/resealable label  3 2-4 pack in plastic bag (poly)
 4- Soft pack w/hard plastic lid  4 5+ packs in boxes
 5- Other _____________  5 Other _____________

3. Approximately how many wipes do you use in an average week? This might be hard to estimate, consider your tub/package and think about how long it takes you to use the entire container. Average week, I use…

 Less than 60
 60 to 100
 More than 100
 Specific___________

4. If you could design a wipe, what would be the most important features, aside from a fair price?

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Nieto Research/Baby Wipe Survey/Jan 2009 Page Two

5. This may seem redundant after your answers to #5, but please rank the features below. Most important equals 1 and least important equals 9. (write or type number next to each feature)

____1- No harsh additives
____ 2- Moistness of wipe
____ 3- Strength of wipe
____ 4- Softness of wipe
____5- Thickness of wipe
____6- Unscented/fragrance free
____7- Scented
____8- Natural additive, like aloe, green tea
____9- Portability of package

6. After using a wipe, do you apply any of the following products before putting on a diaper?
(check all that apply)

 1- Baby powder
 2- Baby oil
 3- Ointments (i.e. diaper rash treatment)
 4- Lotion
 5- Other_________________________
 6- No, I do not use any products

7. If you checked any products in Question #7, Why do you use that product(s)?

8. Again, if you checked any products in Question #7, how often do you apply?

 1- Every diaper change
 2- Daily
 3- Every other day
 4- Occasionally, when needed

9. Where do you buy your wipes? (Please provide store or chain name)______________________

The next questions are designed to help us better understand your purchasing behavior. To start, think about standing in the store in front of the baby aisle. Consider the packages and features listed on the products.

10. If the wipes you buy most often were out of stock, would you go to a… (check only one)

 1- Different Store
 2- Same Store – Buy Same Brand, but a different size or pack type
 3- Same Store – Buy Same Brand, but a different style, such as Unscented
 4- Same Store – Buy Different Brand, but same size or pack type as my regular one
 5- Wait until your store has them in stock

Nieto Research/Baby Wipe Survey/Jan 2009 Page Three

11. If you had to substitute a wipe, what would be the most important feature you would look for? (check one)

 1- Moistness of wipe
 2- Strength of wipe
 3- Softness of wipe
 4- Thickness of wipe
 5- No harsh additives – such as alcohol
 6- Unscented/fragrance free
 7- Scented
 8- Natural additive, like aloe, green tea
 9- Portability of package

12. Which of the following statements most accurately reflects your shopping opinions of wipes?
(check one)

 1- It is very easy, the packages are simple and features are clearly labeled
 2- It is somewhat easy
 3- It is neither easy nor difficult, I don’t think about it
 4- It is somewhat difficult
 5- It is very difficult, the packages are confusing and there are too many options

13. And which of these statements do you agree with?
(check one)

 1- I like my brand of wipes and see no reason to try others
 2- I stick with the same wipe, just so I know what I am getting
 3- I buy whatever is on sale
 4- I don’t have a favorite brand, I try new wipes in the hopes of finding one I really like
 5- None of these statements reflect my opinion

14. Would you be interested in testing baby wipes similar to what you purchase now?
(check one)

 1- No
 2- Yes, we will begin recruiting for a wipe use test in the next three weeks, we will call you as soon as we have the exact dates. We will not ship anything until we have spoken to you.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your personal opinions about baby wipes

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