Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do Any of You Still Do Paid to Click Programs?

I'm curious about this. I started doing paid to click programs several years ago, when they were just getting big, back in the day of AllYouSubmitters and their 5 cent links, before they ran off with everyone's money! lol The only reason I ever got started in them was because I had friends who started their own... well, those friends eventually ended up like most of the other webmasters, unfortunately, and closing up in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again!

What brings this up? My Dad just told me, he finally reached the $40 payout at e-mailpaysu! Yea! He knows the webmaster, so he knows he'll get paid and everything... I signed up under him a week or two ago, just to try to help him earn the small amount he had left to earn to reach payout. I'm so excited for him... congratulations Dad!

It's also refreshing to hear that there are still good, honest webmasters out there. I know I am still a member of two sites, that I've been with for quite some time, that pay me as soon as I reach the low $2 payout every time. I finally gave up on all the higher payout programs about a couple years ago, due to all the dishonesty, and then clicking away forever, only to have the webmasters refuse to pay.

Anyway, if any of you are interested, both the sites I am with are very easy to earn payout, even without referrals, and as I mentioned, the payout is only $2... and they DO pay! lol The programs are:




Figured I would add the link to e-mailpaysu, as well, since it is a reputable AND paying company!


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