Monday, December 22, 2008

Help find missing kids! Urgent!

Hi all! I have a close friend, who is going through hell right now, as his children have, basically, been kidnapped.

In January, of this year, Stan (my friend) was going through a rough time, so his children stayed with their older sister, Stan's daughter, temporarily until he could get on his feet. He signed a paper, giving her guardianship, but never signed it in front of a notary, and it was never handled through the court system. Stan has been driving back and forth, from Oklahoma to Texas, to visit his two children, and has been giving his daughter money for their care, as well as buying them things they need. A couple months ago, Stan got things together, and got a home fit for his children. He went to Texas, and informed his daughter that he wanted his children back. Legally, this should have ended the guardianship right then and there, since it was an informal guardianship (I have been studying the laws on this). His daughter refused to return his children, so he returned with the police. The daughter claimed the children were no longer there, although Stan visited them at her residence the previous day. The police did not search, and did nothing to help. They returned the following day, and this time searched the home, but, by this time, she had disposed of all their clothing, etc. and hidden the kids elsewhere, claiming she gave them to their birth mother, who has no custodial rights, and abandoned the children when they were a few months old. The birth mother has outstanding warrants in several states, and is clearly not fit to raise these children.

The fact of the matter is, we do not believe she gave the children to their mother, rather we believe she has them in hiding.

Stan is disabled, and has no money for attorneys, and has, in fact, been spending every dime he can get, going back and forth to Texas, trying to find his children. Although he does not have a lot of money, he has raised his children all these years by himself, and is a very loving father.

I have advised him to file kidnapping charges tomorrow, with the Norman, OK police department. All I am asking is, if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these people, or any information that may help with the case, is that you would contact the Norman, OK police at (405)321-1600 or send me an email (Stan does not have computer access) at .

Stan's daughter, who is refusing to return the children is Aretha A Johnson, and lives in Red Oak, TX. The children's mother's location is unknown, as she has been hiding, due to the multiple warrants for her arrest in several states. Her name is Natasha Lorraine Henson. The two children are Rashawn and Natoya Johnson, and the father, who is searching for his children, is Stanley Johnson, who resides in Norman, OK.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated, and please, please feel free to forward this on, so we can find his kids. I will be getting more information, such as recent photos of the children, tomorrow, and will update as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or prayers!

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